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Heartless: The True Story of Neil Entwistle and the Cold Blooded Murder of his Wife and Child

Neil seemed like a dream come true for Rachel: a handsome, impeccably mannered, success-oriented Englishman, the fairytale husband she had dreamed of meeting. By the time Neil and Rachel Entwistle were husband and wife, living the good life in a New England town, it was too late to guess the truth: that beneath Neil’s good looks and manners was a deceit and darkness…

On a winter day in 2006, police came to the Entwistle home and found the decomposing bodies of twenty-seven-year-old Rachel and their nine-month old daughter Lillian Rose. Rachel had been shot in the head. Lillian in the stomach. And Neil was gone. Soon, authorities would begin a desperate search that would take them across the Atlantic to find Neil…and bring him to trial.


Ace reporter Michele McPhee has jammed A Mob Story with more outrages, betrayals, and laughs than three seasons of The Sopranos. A very good book about a very bad guy.
— Jim Dwyer, Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, author of Actual Innocence
Meet the not-so-goodfellas as they really are in a first-rate first book. You might have read a hundred mob books, but you never read a mob book like this one. Michele McPhee must be lying when she says she is from Boston, because she had Brooklyn down, along with the sixth borough, Miami.
— Mike Daly, Daily News columnist and author of Under Ground
McPhee is a writer to watch, and I anxiously await the next dark world she covers.
— Raul Correa, author of I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told
A winner! A Mob Story is a page turner with new insight about the wannabe wiseguys that prowl the mad streets of Brooklyn and Staten Island and one who made it to the glitz and glamour of South Beach.
— Jerry Capeci, GangLandNews.com columnist and author of Mob Start, Murder Machine, and Gotti


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